Golden Compass Review

Long posts are really not my cup of tea.....I've decided to go for short and daily posts also....

I went to see The Golden Compass today.....Most people in my close peer circle are not into fantasy or animation movies.....infact except only one friend (who saw voluntarily), none have seen Harry Potter movies!!!To miss out on such a landmark in movie-making,is pure stupidity especially due to reasons like "Those are just kids' movies"...... Anyway I'm a big fan of animation,fantasy,magic,fairytales.....anything that stimulates my imagination...might be the outcome of being a Gemini.... like Carl Sagan puts it "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere"

The movie was a bit slow and I was quite disappointed to find out its a "to be continued" movie....But the graphics and special effects were wonderful. Overall I'd a nice evening.

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Jersey said...

I liked Golden Compass. Why do people compare all fantasy movies to Harry Potter and then write a disapproving review. There can be only one Harry Potter Series. Doesnt mean we cant have more fairy tales!!!