The Lost Hobby

In our childhood we develop few hobbies that we stop pursuing as we grow older either due to disinterest or lack of time. Sometimes they even do not find place in our to-do list or back of our minds. Recently while reading a novel I was reminded of my hobby of Philately. Well it can't be called much of a "hobby" as defined by Wikipedia. My Didi and later on me (who inherited the album when she got busy with studies) just collected for fun and on basis of country or design or theme. Our maternal uncle had gifted this stamp album to Didi and it is the reason behind this hobby. We collected stamps from envelopes in the traditional way, but mostly we bought packets either mixed or of some particular theme (Thanks Dad for spoiling us!!) During ragging in college, we had to introduce ourselves by giving name,place,branch and hobbies. I used to say Philately as hobby. Used to save me from dancing or singing!! I post a tribute in the memory of my oldest and life saver hobby.

The Album

It had pages dedicated to countries in alphabetical order with some information about them at the top...but some like Bangladesh were missing so I had to make entry for them. When there was no more space under India, we converted the less known and stamps unavailable countries' pages to India.





This country Ajman had these small weird figurines on its stamps and these were available in plenty. God knows why! We had to see carefully so that we don't paste any same stamp twice.



United States of America

Then there were thematic pages in the album both empty (for us to write) and specified.






I miss the hobby but of course it was fun only when done with Didi. Once in childhood I was showing my album to a family friend's son who nicked two stamps while I left the room awhile but soon I counted (Trust me to trust no one!) I caught him and threatened to tell his mom (who was a strict lady). He surrendered the booty. :D :D


Beth said...

I used to collect stamps too! my Grandma was very feeble by the time i was around and when she came to visit she would make me sort stamps with her to put in my album...

It was almost too much for a hyperactive little girl to handle, but now I treasure the memory

Swathi said...

heyyyaaa...yeah stamp collection is slowly becoming a brother once had the same penchant for stamps, which my parents have very carefully stored for my brother's memories. Your photos reminds me of the same!!

As per my hobby, i didnt collect anything in particular, but have treasured all the greeting cards i got since i was in 6th standard. I enjoy going back and reading whats written in those old cards.

sulz said...

what a great stamp collection you have there! i have one big stamp album, with collections from eire mostly. i don't collect like a real hobby, but if i do chance upon some interesting-looking stamps, i'd take it for the album. :) i collect postcards and bookmarks instead.

mirrorcracked said...

I tried my hand at philately once... gave up after a week... hehe... i stuck to more down-to-earth stuff like collecting match boxes and writing stories! :D

Sandeep said...

whew.. that's quite a huge collection..
nice blog btw!

Reema said...

@Beth..philately is a common hobby in most children but only few pursue it in their adulthood.

@Swathi...Nice..u can make a collage of greeting cards and decorate ur home. I have seen this in some people's homes.

@Sulz...Welcome to my blog!I'm getting to know so many different hobbies!!I have few postcards of germany and singapore. I don't know if they make such beautiful ones in India. Keep visiting my blog!

@Nikhil ..Wow!!Atlast a comment from the funny guy. Welcome to my blog. Collecting matchboxes!! Good one..btw is it an outcome of smoking?

lifeloveandlogic said...

Me and my "Dada" (elder brother in Marathi)had a big collection of matchboxes 9not result of smoking, we were kids) and stamps too. but it all got ruined by termites. They made a nice design on the collection. :D

lifeloveandlogic said...

And your collection is great try to preserve it as long as you can. :)


mashedmusings said...

I used to do a lot of painting which basically requires a lot of free time on your hand. But now, I have almost given up. :(
And very nice collection. I liked them because there was so much variety and such vibrant colours.

Reema said...

@Suda..yaa just yday while writing this post I was thinking have to keep the album safe from termite and mold. Maybe I'll put in a polythene bag and seal it.

@Amit Thanks!! Hey do u still have some of your paintings? Take pics and do post them. We all wanna see your work.

Reema said...

@Sandeep Welcome to my blog!! Thanks for the compliment.Keep visiting

Canopenner said...

I used to collect stamps too when I was a kid, however I never amassed near the collection you have displayed here...Very nice!

I never want to revisit stamp collecting tho as I have too many hobbies already that I dont want to drop.

Anyway, have a nice day!

PS. Im pretty sure you could safely shut off the anti robot measures for your comments. No pressure, its just that half the time I cant pass the test then I feel like Im less of a person and more of robot for it.

Canopenner said...

thanks for turning off the anti robot Reema! I updated my profile so as not to be so confusing about which one of my blogs I actually update and read, please feel free to stop by and once again I hope you have a nice day!

Didi said...

Being off net is like being in exile!!! So finally I got to see your blog, and it is very interesting and beautiful.
And I feel honored to be featured so often in the content of your blog!
The stamp blog is good, did you scan the pages? It has made me so nostalgic- each and every thing, the shiny stickers, the torn edge, the Ajman stamps...

Indian Home Maker said...

I remember being advised to have a stamp collection, I did start but lost the stamps and album somewhere...enjoyed looking at your collection:) The bird stamps are the prettiest, I had one with a picture of Golden Oriole, don't remember clearly, but did it come free with Camlin colours?
btw thanks for the help with getting response to my comments in my Reader on Word Press.

Reema said...

@Robert Welcome to my blog! and thanks for ur comment. I hope I didnt get spammed by turning off the word verification. Keep visiting!!

@Didi Welcome!!! U r going to be featured many times as my blogging progresses. :D Yes i scanned the pages which were attractive.

@Indian Homemaker..welcome to my blog. I'm happy to have helped u.Keep visiting my blog.

Daroga said...

wow o wow !!!
if this is not a hobby then what is !!!

Brilliant and Priceless collection :)

Reema said...

@Adarsh Thanks a lot!!! hope it becomes priceless someday...may be able to sell it for hefty amount someday!!

mashedmusings said...

I have already posted some of them sometime back on my blog. This is the link -

MBstamps said...

Nice visiting your blog, it shows that u did not pursue this hobby further, Stamps are not stuck to the pages using gum, but mounts are used for the mint and hinges for the sued stamps. Philately is still the most practiced hobby, it is very knowledgeable and not as easy as one thinks.Philately includes not only collecting, but study, collecting is a part of it, of course it is the starting point.

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MBstamps said...


Stamps which are available at the stationery shops in packs, which has stamps of countries named, Ajman, Manama, Staffa Scotland, etc. are mostly fakes. (One reason u have many stamps of Ajman) Just check the history, you will find countries like Dubai, Sharjah which wee once independent are now part of UAE, So if you have stamps of those countries, either you have a priceless antique or a worthless fake (in most cases, if it is sold to you in packs)


Reema said...

@Mansoor welcome to my blog!! I know that mounts n all r used but my sister n I had this hobby just for fun. We were not professional philatelists :) :) thats why we didnt take so much pain nor did we delve into so much depth. Thanks for the information! Hey I have shifted to WordPress so catch me there :)