My Look Alikes

I got this funny game from Sulz's post. I had once read somewhere that there are atleast 7 people in the world having same facial features. I found 8 having similar faces as mine!!!! There are 2 more who are not celebrities and not listed in the website because people have mistook me few times in real life for two different lady teachers in two different colleges in two different cities!!!

Beyonce!!!!!!!! Hee hee :) :)
Ahem! Monica Lewinsky ...Umm ..No problem..its about face resemblance only.
Atleast I didnt get any suggestion that my face resembles anyone of opposite sex. [Amit :P]


Canopenner said...

Ive done these before and I find them to be not so accurate.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Monika??? But, tell me, do you really resemble any of the girls?? I think its just a timepass thing, but quite enjoyable. :)

Reema said...

@Robert :) :) yes ofcourse..the answers differ with diff photographs!

@Amit oyee so what monika? u had a girl's face!! yes a timepass and makes a gud post :D ..needed a relief after the serious post & comments :)

Anonymous said...

You look like these hotties? Can I have your number please?

sulz said...

wow, all those gorgeous girls you resemble, you must be pretty gorgeous yourself! ;) yeah, i was told i resemble a guy too. :( i know i can be pretty tomboyish sometimes, but i'm all woman, rawr!!

RJ said...

@Reems - Hey I have seen your pic and you are much better than any of the girls listed here. Probably, they checked the site and it listed your name for them ;)

BTW, where do you find these weird websites from? :D :P

Sakhi said...

need to see u bfore i make any comment here! ;)

but i think its a nice time pass... if have extra time! :)

Reema said...

@Dev U cant have my number cuz i dont look like these hotties :P :P :)

@Sulz Ohhh *blush* No no dear ..its just a game :)that too one which gives different results with diff pictures of same person.

@RJ :O :O Thanks!! *blush x 10 times* but u r just being too generous orrrrr r u buttering me up to make me move to WP? *scowl* I found in the blogger Sulz's blog.

@Sakhi yup a nice timepass n a comic relief after a serious post :)

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter if you dont look like them...Iam still interested in your number, I guess..
What? Are you banning me from your blog now? Common... :P

Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice. All those women are either actresses or supermodels. Good hai.

Daroga said...

you have way too much free time :P

Shefaly said...

Reema: As usual, I cannot switch off my logic filter. So the results change drastically with the photo one uses.

My consistent ones - the 'twins' - come out to be Helena Christensen and Fergie from Black eyed peas (focus on eyes), Pearl S Buck (focus on cheek bones), Emma Watson who playes Hermione Grainger (focus on chin). Clearly there is no age based filtering. Also they use stock photos of these 'celebrities'.

Next I have to try and dupe the software using a photo from age 4 or something and see what emerges.

It is fun but time-consuming. I am between calls (for a project) so squeezed this in. :-)

Reema said...

@Dev :) :) *flattered* no no u r not banned :)

@Ish :) all r except Monica Lewinsky ;)

@Adarsh Jealous? yes I do have at present as my vacation going on but sadly today is last day.

@Shefaly Thanks so much for commenting even when busy :) :) [pssst.. for one snap i got a guy's face as look alike :O]

Vasudha said...

Gisele Bundchen? :o
Niiice, real nice. I did this ages back. I er, got Justin Timberlake. :| Ruined my mood for the rest of the day. :| :P
Thanks for dropping by my blog, btw. :)

Reema said...

@Vasudha Welcome! Justin eh? :) :) keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

i have seen dont this long before...this thing works by comparing ur facial features like nose eyes ,lips etc with the celebrity..
good time pass actually u can experiment with different pics of urs and compare the results :P

Reema said...

@Arvind :)naah this much was all the interest I had in this game