Confessions of a TV addict - Part 2

My top favorite serials deserve a separate post so I'm writing a Part 2. So now coming to non-Indian serials....the top slot is taken by F.R.I.E.N.D.S...what else!!!! I have watched runs and re-runs and re-re-runs so many times that even my Mom knows which episodes I have already watched and recognizes all the characters. But still they make me laugh as if I'm watching for 1st time. And I miss having such a group of real friends...One video is especially for those who are going to France.

Then I like the serial "Charmed" a lot as I just love fantasy and magic. I watched only few episodes when it was being aired. I never thought I would be able to watch starting from season 1 to final season until now when I discovered all seasons are available on the Internet. And I watched season 8 last episode sneakily on Youtube first to see if it all ends well. It does.

And last but not at all the favorite Chinese/Korean serial which used to aired on the channel HOMETV...back in 1997....I watched the whole series 4 times continuously as Hometv used to re-run a serial just after it used to end. That was the best summer vacation. But sadly it had sad ending, like all Chinese series. The series was called "Blood Stained Intrigue" and I was simply crazy about it.

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