Confessions of a TV addict - Part 1

I have been addicted to television since I was four years old....actually since the day we bought TV. It is rumored by my elder sister that I used to watch anything Doordarshan ( the national and only channel in India at that time) dished out; like Krishi Darshan, a program for the benefit of farmers where experts solved their problems and suggested better agricultural practices.

As I grew older, my attachment with TV grew. I used to be completely mesmerized with the moving pictures and the characters. It took my family (mostly my sister) a lot of coaxing, cajoling, emotional blackmailing, scolding, and bartering to get me to study and do vacation homework. I would like to point out I was among the toppers of class, and that's why my family was at wit's end as to how to make me study as I got good results with my high level of insincerity.

My first passion was animation and it still remains so. I simply love cartoons and animation movies. And my sister loved to keep nicknames based on the cartoon that was being aired.
In this post I want to share some of the happiest moments of my life when I used to get lost in the world or visual media by the courtesy of Youtube and the uploaders.

Starting with famous cartoon Jungle Book.....which prompted Didi to call me "Mowgli" or "Baghira".... Baghira was my favorite character...strong and silent characters always appealed to me...Jungle Book was such a hit among children of my generation. The old cartoon series were much better than those being aired on Jetix or CN... all Japanese and violent.

Oh I almost forgot the first ever super hit animation series ....He-Man!!! Didi liked Orca, I remember. It was awesome...."I have the power"

There was an afternoon show featuring characters which were vegetables. Their king was brinjal called "Baingan Raja". Sadly no video is available of that show. Didi made a parody of the title song which went like Juug juug jiyo mere baingan raja....raj tumhara sabse pyara.....Then there was one called "Molu". As the name suggests the protagonist was a mole. In fact it was the first series which inspired Didi to start nicknaming me. Again no video available.

Then I was totally in love with Genie from the series "Arabian Nights" featuring Aladdin. It was pure humor mixed with adventure. It was an one hour show where half hour was of Aladdin and other half of Little Mermaid.

Then Disney cartoons at 10.30 am on Sundays won hearts of many young and old in India. Talespin was a favourite of my Dad. And everyone liked the pirate character (I don't remember the name) more than Baloo.

How can I forget "daanu"??? I couldn't find the Hindi version of the opening song.

Then my second passion are fairy tales and fables, especially witty ones like Akbar Birbal, Vikram Betaal etc. Further, as I became wiser, I started liking some real human characters too like our King Khan who was a tv soap actor then. I liked his serial Circus very much...more than Fauji.

My Didi's favorite series was Bharat Ek Khoj.....and I never felt any interest in it. Infact it was a very famous show but sadly I didnt like it.

Doordarshan also telecasted short films and videos in public interest and to celebrate culture and heritage of India and to promote unity in diversity. Those videos are evergreen and remembered by all who are of the Doordarshan generation. I liked them a lot and used to sing along with them. From one of those, I learnt visually the dances of India though I'd studied in geography book. Didi had to bear the outcome of this knowledge as I demonstrated her daily the different dances and made her understand the difference between Yakshagana and Kathakali by pulling her cheeks.

Oh yes then there was a series "Malgudi Days" based on the famous novel. It was fine only till Swami was there.

Then all the girls including me had a crush on Byomkesh Bakshi.....and were sad as he grew older. It was the best Indian detective series.

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